About 澳门威利斯人娱乐官方网址

澳门威利斯人娱乐官方网址 is here to provide you an individualized path to success.

Lakes Region Community College is a fully accredited, not-for-profit, community college located in the city of Laconia in the beautiful Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

We offer a variety of college degree and certificate programs, training programs and even dual-enrollment opportunities for NH high school students looking to get an early start on their college credits.

澳门威利斯人娱乐官方网址 is a reflection of all of the communities we serve; high school graduates eager to discover career possibilities; adult learners needing up-skilling or workforce training to grow in their professions or begin a new career. We’re also here for who want to explore a class or two to expand their education.

Back in 1967, we were known as “the Tech College” and “the College on the Hill.”   We are proud of that rich history and today we continue to perform as the regions most technologically and educationally advanced college. 


Lakes Region Community College provides a dynamic, community-based, high-quality learning environment, delivering a personalized education experience that prepares learners for success.


Lakes Region Community College will continue its development as a learning-centered institution, characterized by innovation, responsiveness, flexibility, caring, collegiality, accountability, and educational excellence.

Community Values

Inclusion: We base our opinions on character, not by race, gender, age,
religion, or sexual orientation. We support a system and
culture that is fair, just, and reasonable to all people.

Integrity: We have high standards of academic and personal integrity. We
hold ourselves accountable for our actions and do our best to
produce quality work.

Respect: We respect each other regardless of our differences. We condemn
acts of hate and bigotry as antithetical to the college’s core values.
We expect civility in language and in action.

Kindness: We strive to be kind and sincere with our words, thoughts,
and actions.

Success: We affirm 澳门威利斯人娱乐官方网址’s commitment to student success with a diverse
and supportive campus culture. Our objectives are to embrace
innovation, encourage collaboration, and offer flexibility.

Quick Facts:*

Matriculated students

Full-time students:            39%

Part-time students:           61%

Male:                                    51%

Female:                                49%

In-state students:               93%

Out of state:                          7%

Average age:                        27 years old

Graduation Rate:                37% (2018 cohort)

Retention:                            52%

Information provided above is based off of IPEDS data and enrollment information from the Fall 2021 semester.


Top Ten Majors  

Liberal Arts, General Studies, Nursing, Fire Science, Business Management, Automotive Technologies (includes GM ASEP, Toyota and General Automotive), Culinary, Electrical Technologies and Early Childhood Education.

Dual Enrollment

Running Start      

Earn credits while in high school! Over 500 high school students from around the NH enrolled in Running Start (college) classes offered by 澳门威利斯人娱乐官方网址 in the Fall term.  Of those students 142 students    enrolled in two classes or more and 20 enrolled in 10 or more credits. Running Start is a great way to get your college gen-ed credits out of the way so you can focus on your degree.

Early College  

Start college while in high school. Nearly 40 students were enrolled as Early College students taking one of more classes on campus.


Start college from home. 26 high school students enrolled in online college-credit courses offered by 澳门威利斯人娱乐官方网址.

*estimate based on previous years.

Facilities Rental 

Lakes Region Community College sees itself as a community resource.  As such, college facilities are available for public use as long as such uses do not interfere with the primary purpose of education or compromise safety.  The College reserves the right to deny any use it deems not in the best interest of the institution or inconsistent with its values and mission.

Individuals or organizations seeking access to College facilities are required to request access from the Office of the President.  For questions or to schedule a tour of our facilities, contact:

Chelsea Barry

Executive Assistant to the President

Phone: 603-366-5299